My personal brand photography is a series of portraits that express you as a brand, showing your personality, skills, experience, and who you are. My photography is aimed at controlling the visual communication of you, your essence, as a professional and private individual. That is why my personal branding photoshoot is more than just a headshot. It’s important to have this done professionally, and with guaranteed results that will stand you out from your competitors.

I will create brand portraits that convey your brand image, at its very best. Crucially, the photos will help create a connection with your audience. Images that will tell your story!

I have undertaken personal branding photography with entrepreneurs, authors, actors, lawyers, interior designers, athletes, musicians, artisans and many more individuals wishing to take control of their brand image.

My Personal Branding photoshoot starts with a consultation with me to discuss your brand. We collaborate on ideas, curate the look of your photoshoot, discuss how you will use your brand images and decide on locations and props. In your personal brand shoot, perhaps you will include your business partner, a client or even your dog! Whatever helps to tell your story.

If you aren’t clear on your personal brand, I can help you step by step. I collaborate with professional designers, stylists and coaches who can help you on this journey. I will help you get clarity, extract your brand and decide how you wish to visually present yourself.

As your personal brand photographer, I will help you be the person you want to be. The experience is inspiring, confidence-building, fun,  even life-changing.

My executive photoshoot is suitable for high profile executives, this is a series of portraits taken on location, often in and around your business environment, which deliver a suitable set of images ready for PR, Press & Digital use, enabling editorial control of your image.

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“If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view.”

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