I’m Hannah, a Brighton photographer specialising in creative personal branding. Whether
you’re on the hunt for corporate headshots, modelling portfolio portraits, or a fun family
shoot, I’ll help you capture expressive shots that show the world who you are.

Brighton: Photographers Paradise

As a Brighton photographer, I love shooting out and about in this quirky city. It’s one of the most colourful and eclectic parts of the UK with plenty of stunning locations, providing the perfect backdrop for your headshots. From the old-school charm of the brick-walled lanes to the bright lights of the pier, photographers in Brighton are spoilt for choice.

I can also work at other locations across the South East and London, taking my camera gear on the road to find the perfect spot for your photography.

Headshots and Personal Branding

If you’re on the hunt for Brighton photographers who specialise in headshots and personal
branding, I can help. I focus on portrait photography, capturing images that reflect who you are for photos that are full of character.

Corporate Photographer in Brighton

I work with businesses to develop portraits that are in line with their ethos. Put a face to the brand name you’ve created and establish a solid identity in your industry. I can also work on professional corporate headshots for your team.

Creative Photographer in Brighton

My creative portraits capture your unique personality against beautiful backdrops. For
photographers, Brighton provides endless inspiration for shoots, and whether you’re an
influencer, model, or just looking for a fun shoot with friends, it sets the scene for vibrant,
energetic photography.

To find out more about my work, feel free to check out my gallery.

Brighton Photography Process

My job as a Brighton photographer is to show you (and the rest of the world) your best side.

That isn’t restricted to the right angles and lighting, but also those character traits that make you unique.

I know that being in front of a camera isn’t everyone’s natural comfort zone but with plenty of experience as a photographer in Brighton, I’ll make sure it’s a comfortable, relaxed shoot.

From tips on how to stand to plenty of easy chat, you’ll quickly find that photo shoots are a
lot of fun!

Let’s Chat About Your Shoot

Ready to move your search for photographers in Brighton to the next stage? Get in touch
with any questions or tell me more about your ideas, and let’s get the ball rolling on your

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