What makes a good portrait photograph?

When you decide to have your portraits taken, I’m sure you want them to be as flawless as they can get. This means you’d want the photo to represent your personality while also looking your best. And the hard part is finding the right person to do this job masterfully. You want someone who not only knows their way with the camera but can also make you feel at ease during the process. So, how to judge which portrait photographer to choose for your next photoshoot? By discovering what exactly makes a good portrait shot!


  • Collaboration


You can’t expect to see great results if you and your portrait photographer don’t work like a team. So, to receive high-quality portraits, you need to be as straightforward as possible regarding your vision and expectations. Believe me, your portraits will reflect the professional relationship you build with your photographer, so you better make it a productive one.


  • Authenticity


Feel free to express the real you! Authenticity is one of the most important qualities of a picture, and is something a skilled portrait photographer will know how to capture. Ensure your photos represent your unique personality by being as natural and relaxed as possible. 


  • Quality 


The quality of a given portrait depends on how skillful a photographer you choose. Of course, for someone to be named a professional, they must be skilled in capturing people. But knowing how to hold the camera and click the right button isn’t enough. For me, a professional, high-calibre headshot photographer has exceptional technical knacks but also knows how to make the experience fun and relaxing. And not everyone has this much-needed skill.


So, you need someone that will give you the best results possible while making you feel natural and at ease. And that is exactly what I do as a portrait photographer! My technical expertise and empathic nature allow me to be an expert in my field, so look no further and book a session with me!