Pets hold a special place in our hearts and can mean as much to us as the humans we love in our lives. I specialise in creating beautiful bespoke artwork of your pets.

My aim during your photoshoot is to capture the life and soul of your pet and my passion is to create heartwarming memories for you to cherish forever.

Your pets are incredible, and I want to capture their unique personalities in the images I create for you. Whether you want to capture your puppy’s new arrival, fun photographs with your dog and the whole family included or beautiful legacy images; whatever you choose: you deserve a professional portrait experience.

I capture the very essence of who your pet is while at the same time celebrating those fleeting moments that are so precious to you.

Creative pet portraiture is an investment that will continue to make you smile for many years after the shutter button has been pressed.

I’m often asked to shoot dog portraits and cat portraits designed to coordinate with the décor of your home or special outfits – we can of course collaborate on shoot ideas to achieve pet portraits as unique as your four legged friend. 

To book a pet portrait session, or for further details and for information of what is included in our session fee, please contact me on Hannah on (0)7976 846 810, or email

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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

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To book a Pets session, or for further details and information about what’s included in our session, please contact me on (0)7976 846 810, or email

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