Is your headshot doing you justice? Is it showing you at your best, and communicating a little insight into who you are? Is it resonating with the intended audience? In this visual age, where our image precedes us, we all need excellent, professional headshots.

For anyone who wants great headshots for social media, LinkedIn, or dating profiles, I offer headshot photoshoots, undertaken in my central Brighton studio and on location. Brighton and Hove offer various types of stunning outdoor locations, such as Brighton beach, we can even shoot with the Brighton pier as a backdrop, or alternatively Brighton and Hove have a plethora of stunning parks and open spaces to choose from.

My headshot photography services also cover London and the South East of England and beyond.

I will capture the essence of you and your character in a series of natural and flattering portraits. My approach is professional, yet informal and my portraits have a spontaneous and distinctive way of showing your real character.


As you can see from my gallery, I do more than just standard headshots. I also do 3/4 shots, a change of clothing or two and (if you like) outdoor shots locally, weather permitting. This provides you with a series of portraits which have colour and texture and give a more insight into who you are.

You may have some pre-shoot nerves. That’s totally fine, many of my clients do. I will make you feel at ease in front of the camera in order to present the very best version of you in unique, authentic and distinctive portraits.

I will give you more than just an amazing portrait of yourself: I want to give you a great experience so that you leave the photoshoot with a pep in your step and feeling empowered.

To book a headshot session, or for further details and for information of what is included in our session fee, please contact me on Hannah on (0)7976 846 810, or email

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"Capture the essence of your character"

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To book a Headshot session, or for further details and information about what’s included in our session, please contact me on (0)7976 846 810, or email

Headshot photography not quite the right thing for you? Why not take a look at my Portrait package.

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