Behind every perfect shot, there lies an array of equipment that a photographer has brought with them. Professional photographers always have their go-to gadgets that they use in every shoot. They know that having the perfect equipment in their kit is what makes them capable of creating perfect masterpieces. Commercial photography is no different. In fact, it is all the more nuanced, requiring top-of-the-line equipment to be well-prepared for any situation. So, here are some must-have items that every commercial photographer in Brighton should have in their arsenal.


The most essential item in a photographer’s arsenal is, without a doubt, their camera. Commercial photography is made easy when you have the right camera that suits your style of shooting. It is important to choose a camera that can be adjusted to shooting in various lighting situations and can give the desired output. A DSLR or Mirrorless camera with high megapixels can prove to be a valuable asset for a commercial shoot.


Different lenses can bring out different perspectives in a photo. A zoom lens, a wide-angle lens, and prime lenses are the must-haves. For example, a 70-200mm Lens is great for close-ups, while a wide-angle lens, like a 14-24mm, is useful for capturing larger spaces. Prime lenses, like a 50mm or 85mm, can give clean, sharp subjects in low-light situations.


A tripod is an important tool to keep your camera stable and sharp while shooting. It helps create crisp, clear images by reducing movement and shaking and is a must-have when you want to shoot long exposures or time-lapses. A good-quality tripod should be sturdy, lightweight, and easy to use.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment is one of the key aspects of commercial photography. Having a good understanding of lighting and how to manipulate it is imperative in creating the perfect photo. A photographer should consider investing in softboxes, reflectors, and diffusers to get the desired lighting effect. A reliable portable light source, like a flashgun, is always handy when shooting on-location.

Batteries, Memory Cards, and Backup Equipment

Finally, another essential element in photography is backup equipment. A commercial shoot can be stressful, especially when time is of the essence. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, and backup equipment ensures that the shoot is not interrupted. Memory cards, batteries for the camera and flashes, and backup camera are some items that one should have in their kit.

A well-equipped professional photographer plays a vital role in creating a visually stunning photo. Commercial photography, in particular, is made easy with the right gear, which includes a camera, lenses, tripod, lighting equipment, and backup equipment. All these items should be of good quality, versatile, and travel-friendly. By investing in these essentials, photographers can overcome any obstacles that come up during a shoot. Remember, always be well-prepared, always be ready, and always be creative!

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