While I may have a studio in Brighton, I prefer to shoot in the great outdoors at any given chance. Outdoor portrait photography is a real driver for me. I think this is mainly because what nature provides is not only visually beautiful in itself, but also because it acts as a wonderful backdrop for portraits. Texture, vibrancy and pattern all unite to make fantastic background to my subject and give extra visual flair and punch without fighting against the subject.

It’s actually more of a challenge to photograph outdoors, but I love shooting in natural light.

People seem more carefree, relaxed and of course more natural when outdoors. Particularly when compared with studio portraits which can make people feel a bit uneasy at first.

As I continue to progress and mature as a portrait photographer, I find themes coming out in my work. I see nature as a source of abundance, possibility, growth, and wholeness. And, I love using nature as metaphor, such as flowers for abundance and old trees for wisdom. Outdoor portrait photography in Brighton really is one of my favourite types of shoot!

We may live in a city, but there is natural beauty all around us in Brighton’s parks and of course, the beach. And for my outdoor portrait photography, this is hugely advantageous. 

For example the image below was taken in Stanmer Park.

And with my personal branding photoshoots, I am able to give a more compelling background to my subject while telling their story.

If you are ready to get outside and have some amazing portraits made for business or pleasure, give me a call on 07976 846 810 or email me on hello@hannahjudah.com

“Photography through the lens of a storyteller”