When you have a vision, you need the right photographer to bring it to life. Whether you’re on the hunt for branded corporate headshots or a cute picture of your pup, not everyone is going to capture the ideas you have in mind. But, if you’ve never hired a photographer in Brighton, how do you find the right person for your project?

To lend you a helping hand, I’ve put together my top tips. As a Brighton-based photographer myself, I have a pretty in-depth knowledge of what it takes to find your perfect match. Let’s dive in!

1. Start With Reviews

Reviews are a smart choice when starting your search. After looking into photographers in Brighton, you can begin pinpointing those you’d like to work with based on feedback from past clients. Most photography businesses will have set up a Google Business Profile, so a quick Google search should pull up reviews for top photographers in Brighton for an easy overview of your options.

Look out for 5-star reviews as well as extra information, like the type of photography and where they were shooting. These are all useful tidbits that can narrow down your search. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some bonus photographs, too! Clients often attach the end results of their shoots to their reviews, giving you a sneak peek at the sort of work you can expect.

2. Take a Look at Past Work

Every professional photographer has a gallery of past work that highlights some of their best shots. Take your time going through these to get a good sense of their personal photography style and the quality of their images.

You don’t need to find existing work that matches your vision down to a T – that can rule out a lot of potentially great photographers! Instead, look for images that show an eye for framing and focus, with a clear creativity that sets their work apart. If you like their photography, it’s a good sign you’ll like what they can do for you.

3. Learn More About the Process

Brighton photography is varied not only in look but in process, too. I, for example, love getting to know my clients before a shoot so that I can represent who they are in the photographs I take. Other professionals might prefer a quick, in-and-out studio shoot, catering to busy clients with more standard shots.

Take a look around the photographer’s website to learn more about how they work and whether their process suits your needs.

4. Share Your Style

Once you’ve found a photographer or two that you’d like to work with, don’t be scared to reach out – we always try not to bite!

I love chatting with clients about their ideas and hearing more about what inspires them. It’s fun, exciting, and the best way to work out whether we’re a good fit for each other.

I highly recommend sending over some inspirational imagery to your potential photographers. Choose photos that capture the sort of style you’d like to go for (as well as a couple of adventurous shots you might want to try) and ask if they’d be able to work with that look.

5. Chat About Locations

Do you have a location in mind for your shoot? Perhaps you’d like a studio or you want to head outside for some quintessentially quirky Brighton photography. If you do, let the photographer know what you’re planning on and ask if it’s possible.

I love exploring Brighton in my work and will be happy to try out new locations. But, I also know of photographers who prefer sticking to their studio or have set shooting spots that they’re less keen to veer away from. There’s no right or wrong here! You just need to find a photographer that can work with your location.

Hire a Photographer in Brighton

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I’m Hannah, a portrait and headshot photographer based in Brighton and working across the South East and London. From corporate headshots for businesses to more creative portraits, I specialise in natural, expressive photography that captures who you are.

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