What is portrait photography? Simply put, this approach aims to convey a personality, story, or identity. With the perfect blend of backdrops, light, and gentle posing, you can create some stunning photos of your subjects. Generally, this photography style is followed to commemorate milestones or special events or even to create a memory at a certain point in one’s life. But it can also be a powerful tool to reinforce someone’s brand identity and professional image.

In essence, there is no such thing as a golden rule, or one size fits all guide on how to become a portrait photographer. But what I can do is share the personal experience I have picked up along the way to becoming one. So, without further ado, let’s go over some valuable portrait photography tips in detail!

  • Understand your equipment

There is no denying that great quality equipment will help you capture images that look professional. So don’t compromise on working with a high-quality camera and equipment!

  • Get formal education

If you are wondering about the technical aspects of portrait photography, it’s time to get formal education. When I talk about formal education, college is definitely one route, but worry not, there are other ways to educate yourself. These can be online and self-paced photography courses or part-time courses by an expert.

  • Learn, experiment, and define your style

Keep learning and experimenting with new ideas and photographic processes to find your style. Some of the learnings come from natural exploration and practice. But with so many editing programs and equipment available today, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn, grow, level up your portrayal and find your unique style.

  • Work with established portrait photographers

If you are considering pursuing this career, I always recommend meeting and working with professional portrait photographers who are already in the game. Nothing teaches you better than getting out of your comfort zone and just being out there yourself, getting a true taste of what it means to be a portrait photographer!

  • Build a portrait portfolio

You should build a portrait portfolio to serve as a collection of your best images. Whether you need it for a job interview or just to showcase your work to attract potential clients, building one for any photography career is essential. In the portfolio, showcase your specialisation, give attention to details, and focus on quality images instead of quantity!

I hope you enjoyed reading the article on how to become a portrait photographer. In essence, these are the essential portrait photography tips to establish yourself professionally. Remember, getting the hang of it does take time. But trust me, the time you invest into yourself, your skills, and your approach will be totally worth it.

Have more concerns about how to become a portrait photographer? Let me know! As a professional and experienced Brighton portrait photographer, I can help address all your queries. And if you are looking for a portrait session, contact me to book!