It’s hard to imagine why anyone still needs to ask why they need a professional  photographer for headshots anymore, but it does still come up. There are so many reasons, it is difficult to know where to begin!

Firstly, if you are an individual seeking work, you will need more than just a selfie. Or an amateur photo shot by your mate in a bar 4 years ago. Neither of those are very professional, are they? And is that the message you wish to send to the world? To potential business associates? Is that really the shot you want on your social media profiles? Or dating profile, for that matter? Is says that you do not take yourself seriously or not place value on yourself. Or that you are not willing to invest in yourself. Which is certainly not the message you wish to put out there.

Secondly, even if you have a friend who can take a decent shot of you, it will still be clear that you have cut corners. The lighting won’t be right, nor will the backdrop. Unless your friend has a professional camera and/or a photography studio, it just will not produce professional results.


What if you are a company with a website featuring an ‘about’ page? If you want to be taken seriously, you absolutely must have professional headshots for you and your team. Otherwise, your website will look amateur and you have to ask yourself: why would that make anyone want to work with you? 

Your company’s About page will to be your most visited page after your home page and it’s essential that it says the right things about you and your organisation. Trustworthy, professional, approachable. And so on. You will not achieve this with a cobbled together lot of portraits taken in different lighting conditions, and with different backgrounds. You need a consistent look pulled together and giving off the desired aesthetic. Only a professional hove photographer like Hannah Judah (and a great vision) can bring this to the table.

>If you are ready to invest in professional headshots, whether in your office, on location or in my Brighton studio, I would love to help. You can email me on or ring me on 07976 846 810.

“Photography through the lens of a storyteller”