There can be a variety of reasons why it might not be practical to have corporate headshot photography in an actual office.

It could be that the company is small and uses a shared workspace. Or it could be that the the business is run out of someone’s house or apartment. Perhaps the company just isn’t office based at all?  And finally perhaps the office is just visually unappealing and doesn’t have the image you wish to project for your business?

If any of the above apply to your work set up, the best plan would be to hire a headshot photographer with a studio. So if you don’t have an office that you feel makes a flattering backdrop for your corporate headshot photography, just head to a studio.

A great photographer will find a way of getting the shots and projecting your desired image.

If you are ready to revamp your company’s image with some brilliant new corporate headshots, I would love to help. You can email me on, ring me on 07976 846 810.

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