B-Murals presents TÀPIA, a collective exhibition curated by superstar street artist Axel Void at at Nau Bostik (Barcelona). He has brought together some of the most recognized contemporary urban neo-muralists to open a discussion around the use of urban spaces.

TÀPIA is the Catalonian word for wall, or partition, that divides spaces in a permanent or ephemeral way. These spaces are often private properties that are either derelict or susceptible to trespassing. Traditionally in street art, these walls and spaces have presented themselves vulnerable to the interventions of artists.

This exhibition underlines the playful interaction that often occurs in art between both the limitations and the opportunities this presents, blurring the edges of this physical division between the idea of private and public.

Spanish born Axel Void studied Fine Arts in Cádiz, Granada and bases his artistic work through classical painting and the art of drawing. He has been in the graffiti world since 1999 and has painted a huge series of large scale murals around the world, living and experimenting in many cities such as Berlin and Miami, where he has been established since 2013.

Neo-muralism is a trend that, through the classical pictorial techniques, is able to reinterpret mural art where magic realism, daily life and tradition appear as the main theme. These combined elements focus on the ironies and contradictions of the human condition.  The exhibition will include some murals that reflect the intrinsic values of street art and realism, and aspires to open a dialogue around the process of creation that is often in conflict with the restrictions surrounding the urban art world.

TÀPIA will feature work by Alberto Montes | Ana Barriga | Ana Langeheldt (Lahe178) | Axel Void | Elisa Capdevila | Emilio Cerezo | Fafa Marquez | Faith XLVII | Filio Galvez | Franco Fasoli (Jaz) | Hyuro |Ivan Floro | Jofre Oliveras | Laguna | L.E.O. | Sekone | Milu Correch | Mr Kern | Sainer | SatOne | Sebas Velasco | Yaro Crow | Zoer | Helen Bur, and of course Axel Void himself.

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