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Thank you so much for stopping by today and taking the time to review my website and portfolio of professional photographic work. You’re all very welcome! I hope you’ll find my body of work inspiring and I’d love to chat with you about future collaborations.

I'm a professional female photographer based in Brighton and specialise in portraits, personal branding and headshots.  I love that I’m able to use lens to tell a story, to define details, and to capture the essence of a person or brand. This fluidity and freedom of creative expression is something that I’m passionate about and would love to bring to you or your business.

My images have been featured in a variety of books and publications and I feel fortunate that my work has taken me to so many interesting places.


 While my portrait and commercial photography services are mainly focused in and around Brighton and Hove, I do also work in London and beyond. I regularly contribute to Street Art United States and I'm honoured that my work reaches such a wide audience around the globe.

As well as specialising in shooting creative portraiture and headshot photography, I also enjoy collaborating on commercial projects for a host of clients and corporate brands and I’m passionate about capturing the brand essence of the commercial and corporate clients I work with. 


Based in Brighton, there’s an eclectic mix of LGBTQ friendly venues right here on my doorstep. I love using my lens to capture their unique atmosphere and ambiance, incorporating my vast toolkit of photographic skills and expertise to breathe fresh life and visual interest into all the projects and events I work on.


As a Photographer in Brighton & Hove, I’m continually inspired by my surroundings and heavily influenced by street art which can produce stunning and unique backdrops that bring a real sense of individualism and storytelling twist to projects. The juxtaposition between the urban and corporate worlds is something I enjoy playing with and representing through my original photography work.

From creative portraiture for musicians and actors to corporate headshots of budding entrepreneurs and even shots of your favourite four-legged friend, my portraits and headshots are colourful, diverse and draw on inspiration from the surroundings (mainly Brighton and London) to deliver creative flair and a sense of individualism. 


I spend time getting to know my subjects so that I can really connect with them on an emotional level, drawing out their idiosyncrasies to reveal their inner personalities and character traits.


It’s genuinely an honour and a privilege to be able to shoot portrait and headshot photographs and to bring the essence of my subjects to life.

I'd love chat with you about future collaborations, on anything from a single shot to a full campaign. Just get in touch!

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Hannah is such a talented and professional photographer! I had such a great shoot with her and despite the weather (a heavy rain downpour) she still made the experience fun and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for someone creative who knows what they're doing!


—  Abbie Matthews